A Hug For The Petals – Recalling How We Met


Back in 2006, doujin class Fuguriya released a yuri graphic novel by the name of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o in Japan. Thanks in part to the beautiful artwork, adorable heroes and romances, along with erotic content, just one game blossomed in a massive series which usually now stands 20 titles strong. Irrespective of its rapid proliferation in Japan, western visual novel lovers simply had to get by with fan patches — until now. MangaGamer finally had taken the plunge and brought the Eighteenth entry into the Sono Hanabira string to English-speaking audiences by using Steam as A Make out with For The Petals – Thinking about how How We Met. Not only is this a means for existing fans to finally formally show their service, but it’s a means by which to get many more unassuming gamers hooked on your franchise.

Some folks could be more than a little lost, and deservedly consequently. For those visual book fans who are ignorant, a yuri title in essence means that the game in question revolves around lesbian romance. Since this series in particular has produced a name for itself being a rare mix of fairly sweet storytelling with sexual written content, it makes sense that people assume A Kiss For The Petals to give the same. Actually, that is one of the very few Sono Hanabira secretes which is completely free connected with 18+ content. Sure, there’s still a fair level of dirty jokes available, but that’s about as far as things go. You’ll not get an eyeful of ridiculous fanservice ala the Sakura series sometimes. Instead, the focus is only on watching our own protagonists slowly discover their particular feelings for one another.

It’s rather obvious that the biggest reason this game was chosen for localization was because “all ages” status. But, there exists more to it than that. A Kiss For The Petals operates as a great introduction to . Michael Girls’ Classes and, more importantly, the actual fan-favorite couple Risa and Miya. Even with being such a past due game in the Sono Hanabira collection, we’re introduced to this landscape with enough choose to lure in newcomers. It is a pretty simple setup. Risa is a gal with a penchant for leadership roles at school, is well-liked, and very studious. She has just commenced her high school job at St. Erina Girls’ School any time she crosses walkways with Miya. Although the girl only glimpses her for a second, she locates herself aflutter with the hope to view this mysterious gal again.


As fate would have it, Miya happens to be a transfer pupil who gets placed right next to Risa! Both make formative efforts at communication, however soon Miya starts bypassing classes?which causes?Risa for being even more curious about the girl classmate. As the story advances, we learn pieces about both character’s life, but mostly we view how their particular oppositional personalities spark off one another. And kid do they create rather the contrast! Miya, whilst incredibly intelligent, shirks institution like it’s the least important thing in the world as soon as Risa holds education using the utmost regard. The storyplot continues from there, while not too much further.

It may well disappoint some to understand that A Kiss To the Petals will run nearly all players approximately just two hours to read through. Although I can’t say for certain, it’s very most likely that the short runtime is related to this mission’s original status of a mobile phone game within Japan. This also is surely a kinetic novel, meaning at no point are you presented the ability to make a choice. You might be led to believe otherwise ever since the Steam release offers achievements, but there’s hardly any choices to be got. It’s not a dealbreaker for people like me who have been wanting to see the Sono Hanabira series create its debut in this article, but definitely some thing to consider before obtaining.


Luckily, the price isn’t specially high ($7.99) therefore you receive a fairly slick experience. As with one other titles, A Kiss For The Petals features cutesy cartoons artwork and a bevvy involving CGs. Backgrounds, too, absolutely appear to have been created with proper care. There’s not a ton of variety to actually notice, given that the game comes about almost exclusively in certain areas of St. Erina Girl’s School.

You’ll also find that characters are typical voiced in Japanese people. Both Risa and Miya element lovely voice performing performances. Background personas such as “Girl A,Inches well, they don’t currently have nearly the same remedy. The voice work for these people isn’t so poor that it becomes grating, however it blends together rendering it sound like everyone who is not Risa or Miya might as well are the same classmate. Music comes after the story with a typically light-hearted tone and ambiance that encapsulates the mood with the visual novel very well. All in all, this is a high quality release — especially when when compared with some of its graphic novel?contemporaries in Steam.

Closing Responses:

The biggest determinant associated with whether you will get pleasure from A Kiss For The Flower petals – Remembering How We Met or otherwise is if you are a supporter of cute, vignette-style storytelling. This is simply an incredibly brief look into the lives involving two characters since they discover their future romantic feelings. There’s not much development of some other story themes, while those are adorned further in various other games. Even so, you are always getting a peek into your Sono Hanabira world which has accumulated a massive fan next of women and men. There’s a reason why this kind of series has a lot of darn games and you will get a glimpse of why by taking this visible novel for a whirl. Or, you could merely wait and wish that this title demonstrates successful enough intended for MangaGamer to release a more important entry in the future.

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