Go! Get! Nippon!


Back in 2011, Go! Go! Nippon! ~My Initially Trip to Japan~ launched in both Japanese and The english language. This cute little visual novel would something different from the majority of titles in the genre which English-speaking fans had been aware of. You see, rather then engrossing players in a Japoneses high school setting, dramatic sci-fi tale, or something of that sort, it showcased an experience that many players actually want to relate to. The experience under consideration is being able to pay a visit to Japan for the brand new. But it’s not simply a means to live out fantasies in the virtual setting. Interestingly, Go! Go! Nippon! also seems to provide a great deal of tips to help would-be tourists as long as they do ever opt to head to Japan.

More plus much more visual novel enthusiasts picked up Go! Go! Nippon! ~My Initially Trip to Japan~ over the years, nevertheless there’s no doubt that it noticed a lot of extra attention once MangaGamer finally published it on Steam. In fact, it may have been due to this increased attention to an old property that creator Overdrive decided to go returning and update the release with new DLC in 2015. There is quite a lot included in the DLC so it will be basically a necessary purchase for anyone looking to play the game currently. But before we get in what’s new, you need to describe the base video game itself for novices.

Go! Go! Nippon! opens as being a young man arrives in any Japanese airport. He muses that two Western brothers will be generally there to pick him right up. These brothers are friends who they met online and is going to be treating him into a grand tour in their home country. Nonetheless, the brothers certainly not appear. Instead, there are two sisters — and in fact these were the ones he had been talking to the whole time! The identical plan is still established, however. They’re both equally prepared to provide this particular foreigner a tour of Japanese people hotspots. The only variation now is that romance can and will bloom among our protagonist the other of the sisters. This too adds in the potential (and reality) connected with fanservice segments to appear from time to time. Which characters end up watching a bit of romance is determined by the player’s selections throughout a playthrough.


It’s not super obvious which character’s way you’re going to select, nevertheless. The reason for this is that a lot of gameplay choices in this particular visual novel will not revolve around making preservation decisions. Instead, they are based around locations to travel to. For example, if you select to attend Akihabara then one of the two sisters is specifically planning to hang out with you that particular day. As such, both heroes are tied to their very own destinations. After taking part in through the game as soon as should give you a good plan of what places to choose next time in order to guarantee a certain ending. One playthrough requires around two hours, but subsequent ones must be a fair bit quicker thanks to the skip perform.

Much of what makes Go! Move! Nippon! great though isn’t really purely the cutesy storyline of love one of your hosts within Japan. There’s the idea that the game proves a great tool for getting started with planning for a real trip to the nation. The 2015 DLC helps in large part by doubling the capacity of the game with additional places like the Tokyo Skytree in addition to immensely popular conference Comiket. This DLC also offers upwards a new feature in the form of Google Maps backlinks to key areas. Although not the best setup, as it takes you to an external browser as an alternative to launching within the video game, it’s a neat trick for helping folks understand the game doesn’t wayward too far from fact.


There’s actually more to the 2015 DLC than an increase in play due to extra locales, of course. Returning gamers will also find that this artwork has been up-to-date. Both sisters search a fair bit more modern and are animated making use of E-Mote. This popular computer animation technique ensures that the characters look powerful and lively as opposed to just still sprites. Go! Go! Nippon!?2015 currently also runs on 720p, and even existing CGs happen to be made to accommodate the improved size. The only negative to this boost in overall look? Unfortunately, there is nonetheless no voice behaving to be found from any heroes. Given all the other renovations, it seems like something which could have made total impression.

One question worth wondering is why this additional work was spent to make attention back to Go! Get! Nippon! of all things. Sure, it’s actually not a bad little account, but it’s incredibly limited and not something that many players will hold beloved to them. The darling storyline is nice, and surely not on par with greater tales in the visual novel variety. When it comes right down to it, the explanation might simply be in which because it was straightforward to do they did so. Happily, those who play via 2015 and prefer the original is capable of turning off the DLC upon subsequent launch. It does not overwrite your current copy of the initial game.


Closing Comments:

All in most, Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 does a great deal to revitalize Overdrive’s aging image novel. The biggest boosts are the addition of completely new events, locales in addition to Google Maps performance. Everything else, such as a vast screen resolution and computer animated sprites are just icing about the cake. When it comes from it, this is a easy visual novel that is fun thanks to the way captures that want from many of us to see Japan. Sure, it can be rather idealized, but you will still find some great tips for anyone who is actually planning on taking a trip there soon. However the overarching storyline sometimes receives caught up in the educational worth, it also manages to hot hearts by the finish.

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