DomiNations receives an revise as part of its 1-year wedding anniversary called the Global Age group


Released by Nexon Mobile, DomiNations is really a strategy game which spans most of history. Players will assume control over one of ten different nation/states: Romans, British, Asian, French, Germans, Japan, Koreans or Greeks, all acquiring unique advantages, and hang up out to build a growing metropolis, but from your humblest of beginnings.

To start out you will need to just make do with a village filled with hunters and gatherers. The reasoning is to take this specific rudimentary community in addition to guide it through the major points of history and into the space age. You need to do this while managing their own economy, handling issues with other nations, as well as researching the more compared to 100 technologies, constructions, and ‘Wonders of the World’ as you go along. We’ve previously included the game here as well as here in regards to earlier updates in case you want to read up on those also.

In celebration of the game’s first birthday, a good update is being added that focuses on Wwii. Players will have entry to some of the equipment of the era, such as bazookas with regard to shooting out holding tanks, mortars for ranged attacks, or the ability to decrease paratroopers behind enemy traces. The update will also include events that are inspired by the war’s much more famous battles, like D-Day and Guadalcanal.

Global Age Development Features:

? New updates for all existing device types, and 3 completely new units: Transports, Bazookas, as well as Mortars
? Additional Building upgrades
? Find the new Air Virtue Blessing and watch ones planes dominate
? Generals now have 10 additional levels
? Library upgrades with 4 brand new Techs: Command, Rivalry, Resistance, and Heritage Multiplayer Battle Refactor
? Shutting or crashing outside of a World War as well as Multiplayer battle can save your stars, methods and progress

New and period of time players will equally see packages obtaining air dropped in to the respective bases. These kinds of packages will increase the chances that the players acquire both try out the late game content, as well as speed up further development through the Ages. DomiNations can be acquired for free from Yahoo and google Play, and consists of optional IAPs as well. You can check out the DomiNations update trailer home below.

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