REDCON is the latest release onto Android in the folks over at Hexage


Hexage has made a pretty good term for themselves when it comes to portable game releases, as most of their games are often pretty unique, generally look good and enjoy great. The company’s most recent release is a cool little game named REDCON, where you’ll be in control of building your platform and protecting that from attack.

In REDCON players will take command of their own fortress, loading it up with different types of artillery and also ammo, before jumping into battle and also taking out any opponents nearby. The goal is always to eventually defeat the particular Traitor General, and you’ll ought to upgrade your weapons (not merely artillery) and build up your castle if you plan on having any kind of chance at achieving that.

REDCON Features:

– Construct and customize ones battle fortress when you wish
– Use Active Stop to freeze some time to issue multiple orders instantly
– Command vast system of weapons, coming from individual soldiers to be able to superguns
– Infiltrate, Annihilate as well as grind your goals down through Attrition

Visually, REDCON carries a pretty unique browse it, which is nothing new since Hexage always makes their games look diverse from most other titles available. They always have an exceptional art style for them. As you progress throughout the game you’ll end up getting new layouts for your fortress building. Picking the correct layout for each battle is fairly important, as are the weapon selections and also fortress customizing.

For those of you looking to snap upward a copy of REDCON, that can be done off of Google Perform for free to try it out. If you like the game, you can purchase the premium version via a single IAP. Depending on which premium model you want, it’ll run you $2.99, $4.99, or $5.99 for almost everything. You get the full online game regardless of which one you acquire, you just get some further perks with a number of them.

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