Enjoy old school ancient platforming in To The Castle, available these days from Google Perform


Released by Dodozen, To The Fortress is a new platformer pertaining to Android. In this online game, players will presume the role of Friend Petrionius, as he journeys by way of sixty different quantities that are distributed in the course of three different mobile phone industry’s. This game has no history to speak of, as it’s really just focuses on players getting the soldier from one end of any given level to the other.

Along the way, players can easily snatch up money that can be used to purchase useful items such as Glasses, Amulets, Hearts (for wellbeing), Special Attacks, and the like, as well as looting any secrets found. Each degree contains a key, with this key opening the entranceway that allows you to finish that level, and each level is definitely graded on the popular three star scale.To The Castle offers very basic controls that really work. Tapping in a course will cause the knight to dash as direction, with a second tap causing your ex to jump. While working, players can also tap on the opposite aspect of the screen to cause the knight to execute a charging attack, which will both break specified materials and will get rid of some enemies.

To The actual Castle Features:

– 60’s pixel art style
– True arcade action
– Single-player campaign (A total of Sixty levels spread with 3 mysterious mobile phone industry’s)
– Integrated level editor
– Investigate the custom dungeons off their people around the world
– Cross punch platform servers (provided info and amounts between iOS and Android os)
– Lots of collectable coins as well as equipment

Players will also be able to each make their own degrees using the built-in level manager, share their designs with other players, not to mention, trying out the levels made by others. The game uses a retro-pixelated look, and statements inspiration both via Ghouls and Goblins, as well as Mega Man. To The Castle is available via Google Play regarding $1.86, and also includes optional IAPs. You can also read the game in action ahead of purchasing To The Fortress with the video underneath, as well as a look at the levels editor.

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