Do We Really Need A lot of Last of Us?



As gamers, we have been conditioned to expect more, but do we really need an extra helping of our preferred games? Rumors in addition to talks about a sequel to Naughty Puppies mega hit The Final of Us have been swirling around for years considering that the release of the first video game. Naughty Dog has now confirmed that they had collection the game “on ice” to focus on the release of Uncharted 5: A Thief’s Stop, but this hasn’t ceased various speculations and rumors about the video games inevitable sequel.

The method The Last of Us finishes isn’t satisfying for some players on their initial play through as it’s a Sopranos type of ending where the idea cuts out in the middle of any dialogue instead of getting definitive. Many desired and expected the overall game to end on a excessive note of a fantastic overall sacrifice (which usually Joel prevented coming from happening) or an emotive goodbye at it is final scene. After a second outing within this destroyed world, on the other hand, it can be discovered that your ending is the single ending the game really deserved through it is magnificent storytelling.

In order to talk about the ending, we must initial understand how we got generally there. The moment when Franny had lost their daughter, Sarah, he or she called her “baby girl” as he held the woman’s in his arms because she bleed out and about and died. Consequently encompasses Joel as well as Ellie’s entire tale from their first assembly where she will become nothing more than cargo to Joel, to their reunion at the end of winter in which he holds her in his arms and comforts her simply by saying, “Oh baby girl,Inches to Joel’s final lie to her at the conclusion. It brought the story full circle since everything Joel suggests and does steams from the time he lost Sarah. This works so well for The Last individuals, as Naughty Dog got so everything from the starting of the story to the conclude is connecting to that particular loss.

The game’s concluding left the story available for potential sequels, in case players dig for that answers, they can see why it ended the actual way it does and the only sequel that makes impression is the prequel DLC, Left Behind. This events that happen in the prequel open up brand new meaning to Ellie and also her final phrases to Joel at the conclusion of the original game. The general message of The Very last of Us is not “A Fathers Love for his Daughter” or even “Love Can Defeat All” or something equally clich all of us normally see inside post apocalyptic tales. As an alternative, its message is good for the world these character types live in and is smart for the story, it’s events and most importantly their ending.

The concept of the game is, in a torn apart world there is no “good” or even “bad” side, and there is no “black” and also “white” to the world anymore while you only do that which you have to do to survive. There are various examples of this design throughout Ellie and also Joel’s journey from Birkenstock boston to Salt Lake City, with Mark and his group of cannibals who had been only trying to find a solution to prevent themselves from starving to demise to survive winter. Your hunters who were terrible and evil of their actions and the way many people did things were being just trying to endure. Joel says themselves, “I have been on both sides,Inch to survive before he or she met Ellie anf the husband seems like the idol for the majority of the game, but as many know, they are one of the most likable bad guys of all time. During the ultimate act in the healthcare facility when he murdered the past brain surgeon that is known, it seemed like Joel acquired made a dark along with selfish decision, however, you can see why he / she did what he did the more you look into it. Why should they trust the Fireflies along with their surgeon with Ellie? We don’t even know should the potential vaccine they were attempting to make would have even worked well or if the surgeon was certified. We don’t recognize his story; he or she could have been a physician who read lots of books on rocket science for all we know.

Why need to Joel give up his or her entire world, his simply reason for fighting to thrive, in hopes that the Fireflies can help to conserve mankind? Joel’s only trying to survive the only method he knows how nevertheless he can’t do this without Ellie. Betty was trying to make it to bring a cure to every one of mankind nevertheless she can’t do this anymore since Joel took that likelihood away from her, therefore taking the advice coming from Joel’s finale speech, Betty finds a new way to thrive by asking Franny to lie to your ex even though we all know the lady knows the truth. The lady needs this lie to survive so that she could continue to fight intended for survival with Fergie and as her face treatment expression at the final scene shows, the woman knows Joel is lying to the girl and did a thing to the Fireflies, but chooses to survive by receiving that lie using the final word in the game “Okay.”


This is what makes the ending so great; this presents the player having an ending to think about: had been Joel’s actions rationalized or not? If you were to turn off the theme on the game, that there is absolutely no right or wrong in this world, there’s only surviving, both Joel and Ellie have achieved this through this closing. By achieving of which goal, this finishes their stories. You need to look at the overall snapshot and if we were presented a sequel towards the game, it would undermine the most perfect ending throughout storytelling history for the sake of more money.

Mankind might be over in the world of The Last of Us, though the world is still there, where there is money to make, there will be a follow up. We don’t want more stories of these heroes, as their stories are actually rounded out, and it’s so uncommon for a game to finish its tale without having providing all the solutions. Leaving us uncertain about how to feel about Joel’s measures in the last act or perhaps his lies to Ellie and the woman’s acceptance of it is the greatest ending we could get asked for.

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