The Death connected with Konami and Why a Silent Hills VR Can have Saved It



It seems as if this were inevitable to take place that all the wading birds started to line up back to back as they marched their distance to the furnace. Ever since the announcement involving former Vice President Hideo Kojima’s starting from Konami Digital Leisure, a position he had organised since 2011, as well as the sudden delisting from the London stock exchange, it was clear this brilliant game publisher seemed to be caught in a dangerous tailspin that just seems to be getting worse.

Konami’s new CEO, Hideki Hayakawa, has shown that he will probably single-handedly be destroying some sort of once great game company with a single swift announcement throughout an interview that was likely to be heartbreaking to help so many long-time fans from the company. As if the announcement of Hideo Kojima’s journeying and the cancellation involving his newest task in the works, Quiet Hills, was not a good enough blow, Hayakawa announced, “Our main platforms are going to be mobiles, gaming has spread to a variety of platforms, but following the day, the platform which is always closest to us all, is mobile. Mobile phone is where the future of gaming lies.” He cannot be more wrong.

Not able to games does not and definately will never lie within the palms of mobile phone gamers. Mobile game playing is perfect for people who are planning to kill time throughout their morning commute as well as while waiting for a bus, but that is as much as it will ever move. The only future mobile phone games can want to achieve is to increase to become more highly processed as time goes on, but the standard premiere for them will never change or turn out to be anything more than time murders. No mobile device will hold up, or contest with the true nature of real video games. System games have the ability to carry out what mobiles can not which is transport someone to another world as well as grant you the capacity to do things you may never do back your real life. These kind of immersive experiences are only thanks to the combination of hugely crafted writers, great awe inspiring visuals consequences and gameplay of which small touch displays simply can’t contest with. We’d like to see an apple iphone try to produce a video game like The Witcher 3, to make it as immersive and gorgeously crafted on it’s tiny 4-inch screens.

There is additionally no evidence men and women are abandoning their high-powered consoles to play games on their phones. The particular data that Boss Hideki Hayakawa simply seemed to view over instead of reading through fully into prior to making such a harsh half-brained transfer of his company suggest “casual” gamers are the ones after switching to mobile online games. Gamers who don’t value the power their home video games consoles provide them and folks who never in the past played video games prior to they discovered and bought into cheap idlers with regards to various smartphones.

If something in the current market at the moment has the chance to control the future of gaming by storm, it is the returning advancements of Virtual Reality and other VR equipment that are starting to find their way their way into the marketplace and our properties. If Konami’s new CEO were more practical, his vision with the company’s new way would focused on classic and VR games. VR is when the future of gaming is and they could have produced that future a step closer by providing Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro rear for Silent Inclines: VR. If this was the actual announcement, not only would likely Konami find themselves in a Scrooge McDuck pack of money, but also they will be the first company to make the first major steps in VR, which is the correct future of the industry.

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