Hipsters vs Zombies – A Defeat ’em Up with Playable Hipsters



Chances are, most people out there aren’t specifically interested in playing as hipster game protagonists. Heck, they’lso are even probably sick and tired of the whole zombie stage by now. Despite pretty much everything, there’s something about Arpic Games’ Hipsters vs Zombies that is comical enough to draw awareness.

Maybe it’s the fact that protagonists Sweets and Ulysses both fight with “hipster” weaponry: Body art guns, vinyls, typewriters, and Warbucks Caffeine. Or maybe it’s?the cartoony artstyle which ensures your hipsters look more affectionate than anything else.

Whatever the way it is, Hipsters vs Zombies is one distinctive beat ’em up. Keep an eye out as it is thought out for a launch upon Kickstarter soon.

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