How to Defeat your Pthumerian Descendant in Bloodborne

How to Defeat your Pthumerian Descendant in Bloodborne



Considering that you’ve possibly fought at least one dozens of of?Bloodborne‘s brutal bosses by now, you almost certainly know the basic habits and strategies necessary for achievement. Locking-on, side-stepping, roll-dodging, attacking the boss’ersus back, and new spamming Blood Vials generally produce success. However, imagine if there was a way to defeat a boss without letting them unleash a single assault? What if you could change that pesky weapon into a more bad weapon? Hell, what if you just wanted to mix things up a tad? If you’onal found yourself questioning any of these questions for the duration of Bloodborne‘s interesting, but often repetitive superior encounters, then you’regarding in luck. It’s fairly easy to defeat the actual Pthumerian Descendant by constantly stunning it with your gun, making this Chalice Dungeon boss more of a formality compared to a challenge.

For this strategy to figure, you’re going to should make sure that you’ve practiced your Visceral Assaults quite a bit. Being able to start these massive problems on command, regardless of whether or not an enemy is very new, is going to make your life a lot easier in every combat (not just this particular battle). Because the Pthumerian Descendant telegraphs it’s attacks fairly prominently, it’ohydrates possible to simple cycle a string regarding gunshot stuns and Visceral Assaults together to make speedy work of this struggle. Before diving into exactly what you have to do for doing that feat of cheesiness, it’s worth mentioning how the Pthumerian Descendant will occasionally throw it’s weapon to you in a boomerang-style forward movement, thus making you the one who staggers. These types of attacks are very easy to avoid, particularly when you consider that you have a further second or 2 after the throw to anticipate its arrival and move out of the way.

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So as to successfully chain gunshot staggers and stuns, you’re going to want a moderate amount of length between the Pthumerian Descendant and your character. This will allow to avoid all of its melee attacks while still supplying you with enough leeway in order to lock on, flames a gunshot, and have ample space to get to it in time for a Deep attack. Whenever this Descendant attempts to attack a person in between these Deep, stomach Attacks and staggers, simply dash to the side or even backwards and do this. Keep in mind that even if you aren’to successful in your tries to initiate a Deep Attack, gunshots can definitely disturb the Descendant’s development (definitely a positive element of any boss struggle). Assuming you’re relatively powerful, it should generally a handful of Visceral Strikes to defeat this type of boss. Of course, in order to dash around towards the back and simply wail into it occasionally, that strategy will absolutely show viable as well.

The Pthumerian Descendant could be the final boss within the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth, so light the light that appears and head back to the Hunter’s Fantasy in order to spawn a fresh Chalice Dungeon or continue your main campaign.

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