You Can Now Watch eSports inside Glorious 4K

You Can Now Watch eSports inside Glorious 4K



Are you tired of which has a 4k capable computer, yet nothing can actually broadcast in it? Now you can watch other people play video games competitively inside beautiful 4k thanks to Codename: Everest.

Everest can be 4k streaming brought to you thanks to Azubu, but that’s not all it’s about. Everest is also an optomized version of their video player letting you watch streams along with broadcasts in full high-definition at 60 first person shooter, while using 80 percent a smaller amount CPU power when watching multiple streams at once. Here’s all the critical features of the Everest player:

  • Flashless HTML 5 player
  • 4K play-back capability
  • Full HD streaming with consistent frame rate
  • Live DVR
  • Broadcaster handled clickable overlays
  • Pre-roll and live mid-roll support
  • Ad-free watching for subs.

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