‘Ys VIII’ Character and Play Details Emerge

‘Ys VIII’ Character and Play Details Emerge


A long-running action-RPG series Ys is getting another new entry within Japan later this year in the form of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. This Ys games have seen a range of settings, and this forthcoming title puts the cast on a castaway-style island. For fans with the series, some new information has surfaced for that upcoming game inside the latest Dengeki PlayStation mag in Japan. First off, there are new Support Events which trigger when gathering new people who show up on your in-game shore, for the player’ohydrates village. The town is something the player can get and fill with NPCs and facilities. Players can even farm in addition to gather characters coming from more than just the main tale to populate their own villages with.

A few new details are out and about about the characters too. For starters, there is Dogi, the companion from past games. Previously, Dogi adventured along with series mainstay protagonist Adol. Meanwhile, Captain Barbaros is really a captain of sunken ship from Ys /, who takes up some sort of leadership position one of several various castaways who form the player village’s inhabitants. Barbaros isn’t alone both, his parrot, Minor Paro, immediately learns the human language and provides a messenger.

Some minor gameplay information include the inclusion associated with an amnesiac Dana, who is the game’s second protagonist. Though Dana is mainly trying to get back her past, she will also have her own motion moments. There is system customization outside of merchants, tower defense sections, and fully customize-able controls. There is DLC included as well, but so far the actual DLC mentioned are free such things as costumes and components.

See a few scans from the character art by Dengeki PlayStation below. For the present time, there is a confirmed Japanese release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana seeking July 21 about the PlayStation Vita, and an approaching PlayStation 4 relieve next year.

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