Nintendo Offering Superstar Fox Zero/Guard eShop Bundle


Star Fox Zero

During its most recent Developers Direct, Nintendo exposed?that the upcoming Nintendo wii U game Star Fox Zero belly packaged with a reward title called Star Fox Guard. Your bundle will be available in stores for $59.98, but today Nintendo declared that Wii Ough owners looking to purchase electronically will not only be able to take hold of both titles for the very same price as in merchants, but that Star Fox Guard also are available separately about the Wii U eShop.

Star Fox Zero will be available digitally for $49.99, while Star Monk Guard will cost $14.Ninety nine, but purchasing a single one will also give the proprietor a discount that will make the cost of the two together $59.Ninety nine, not $64.99. Superstar Fox Zero and Star Fox Defend will both release in North America about April 22.

Are anyone excited for Superstar Fox Zero? Movie star Fox Guard?

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