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Enjoy old school ancient platforming in To The Castle, available these days from Google Perform


Released by Dodozen, To The Fortress is a new platformer pertaining to Android. In this online game, players will presume the role of Friend Petrionius, as he journeys by way of sixty different quantities that are distributed in the course of three different mobile phone industry’s. This game has no history to speak of, as it’s really just focuses on players getting the soldier from one end of any given level to the other.

Along the way, players can easily snatch up money that can be used to purchase useful items such as Glasses, Amulets, Hearts (for wellbeing), Special Attacks, and the like, as well as looting any secrets found...

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Toby: The Secret My very own is a new minimalistic platformer from Headup Games


If you enjoy the graphic style of games such as Limbo, Firefly, or Dark Countries than you’ll be pleased to know there is a a different one that has just ended up on Google Play known as Toby: The Secret Mine. This game features a similar sort of silhouette style graphics with a single colored background, but a lot more details when compared to most of those some other games we just pointed out.

Toby: The Secret Mine provides players diving into the story of a whole village that was once peaceful and prosperous. Now it is peaceful but for a completely different reason, primarily because most of the villagers have been kidnapped simply by someone. Every time one of several remaining residents experimented with rescue their other villagers, they never come back...

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Pokemon Camp arrives to Android with all types of Pokemon-themed activities available to try to attend at


The Pokemon International Company provides released a new game in the Pokemon franchise named Pokemon Camp. This particular video game is all about wandering the city and trying your hands from different activities located on said island, just about all which involve Pokemon. While the Pokemon business is for kids, the bingo is a little more little one focused than most of the other Pokemon titles.

Pokemon Camping will have players exploring a giant island filled up with various Pokemon and different pursuits all geared all around helping players educate yourself on the different Pokemon creatures, their particular abilities, and in essence to become a good Pokemon trainer...

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DomiNations receives an revise as part of its 1-year wedding anniversary called the Global Age group


Released by Nexon Mobile, DomiNations is really a strategy game which spans most of history. Players will assume control over one of ten different nation/states: Romans, British, Asian, French, Germans, Japan, Koreans or Greeks, all acquiring unique advantages, and hang up out to build a growing metropolis, but from your humblest of beginnings.

To start out you will need to just make do with a village filled with hunters and gatherers. The reasoning is to take this specific rudimentary community in addition to guide it through the major points of history and into the space age. You need to do this while managing their own economy, handling issues with other nations, as well as researching the more compared to 100 technologies, constructions, and ‘Wonders of the World’ as you go along...

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