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Humorous button pressing sim game Be sure to, Don’t Touch Nearly anything is on sale for $1.99 for a very limited time


Bulkypix has put the strange and unique puzzle game Please, Don’t Touch Anything on sale intended for 66% off for a limited time over on Google Perform. For those of you not familiar with the game, players will start the action off covering for the co-worker who apparently were forced to run to the bathroom.

While covering for said co-worker, you may have planted yourself in his seat and are currently staring at a screen where there is nothing for you to fiddle around along with except for a big red button which is evidently labeled as ‘Do Not Touch’. Obviously, you want to touch it. So you do exactly that will, push the red button and from that point you need to follow through with anything that happens...

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Destroy Ether Blobs to free humanity in Ether Competitions, a new arcade shooting for Android gadgets


Released by Timothy Miller Corona, Ether Battles is a new filming game released on to Google Play. The overall game is a radial shooter, so players will be circling the marked area, and trying to sneak its contents even though navigating around it in a clockwise or counterclockwise style.

In this game, the goal is easy, much like the story. You will discover Ether “blobs” that are invading planet, and are protected through ships that kind concentric circles around claimed blobs. Players will look to search for the gaps in these cellular levels of protection, as well as fire their guns as openings seem. If the timing is merely right, the blob will be destroyed with what turned into a kill shot. Anything short of that will simply hit one of the barriers as they encircle their charge.


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[Update: Game Released] The Going for walks Dead: Michonne Episode Three: What We Deserve is going to be arriving April Twenty sixth


Telltale Games has declared the release date with the third episode from the Walking Dead: Michonne video game for all platforms, along with screenshots and a trailer for everybody to check out. In case you are not used to this series, this can be a three-part story that comes after Michonne during the time where in the comic books (between problems #126 and #139) she eventually left the group of heirs and disappeared.

Update: Apr 26nd, 2016 1:02pm PST: If you’ve been looking forward to Episode 3 to reach you, it is now available directly on time as prepared. You should now be able to access Episode Three via in-game download if you purchased the Season Complete. Otherwise, you’ll need to obtain it separately from within the game.

Update: April Twenty second, 2016 6:12pm PST: Just a quic...

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Magnificent art path, action and story come together in Celebrity Knight. Available now in the Play Store


Resting squarely on the shoulders of magnificent fine art and story, is situated a game that is that is generated by Left Right Imaginative Studio out of Korea. Star Knight offers all the right components that make it worthy of getting. It is an action/platforming game that will challenge you, thus making you appreciate the talent from the studio that made it.

Jungsang You qualified prospects the indie recreation studio Left Appropriate. They have one other recreation in the Play Retailer entitled, Left Right. Their latest online game Star Knight is impressive to say the least. If you like action/platforming games, then you will get pleasure from Star Knight...

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The Walking Expended: Michonne Episode 3: That which you Deserve will be returning April 26th


Telltale Games has reported the release date to the third episode with the Walking Dead: Michonne online game for all platforms, in conjunction with screenshots and a trailer for every individual to check out. In case you are new at all to this series, this is the three-part story that uses Michonne during the time where in the actual comic books (between troubles #126 and #139) she remaining the group of heirs and disappeared.

In episode 3: What We Are worthy of, the story begins to conclude with what happened although Michonne was away from the children group. Here is what you can expect to find storywise:

Feeling the weight involving choices both latest and long ago, Michonne efforts to protect an not guilty family… but Norma and the vengeful Monroe crew are final in...

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Tin Man Games releases a new "ongoing" saga called Choices: As well as the Sun Went Out upon Android


Released by Tin Male Games, Choices: And The Sun Went Out can be a new gamebook that they’ve only released. In additional Tin Man game titles, players are navigating their way to a predetermined ending or 2. In Choices, Tin Man is trying different things. This is going to be a casino game that has no scripted stopping, and no single person can discover the entire history in a single sitting over the game, but rather that this game is “ongoing”.

Choices: Plus the Sun Went Out is slated to be current weekly, and reinforced through either IAPs or enjoying video ads, and keep the installments on its way. As players make choices that are distinctive to each person’s practical experience, they will inevitably develop a completely different story from reader to the next...

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A fun twist upon Russian Roulette, Bursting Kittens is now readily available for Android devices


Exploding Kittens is the common card game that will began on Kickstarter, has finally been introduced on Android. Even as previously covered this here, this is a digital rendering of the actual card game that’s also recently produced. For the uninitiated, this can be all about being the final person alive and not having a kitten increase while you have it.

Gameplay is simple. Between two and also five players most take turns. For a flip, a player may participate in any number of cards from his/her hand. At the conclusion of the particular turn, a single credit card must be drawn. So long as that card just isn’t an exploding cat, the turn progresses to the next player...

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The Pokemon TV app gets updated by new features and obtains new episodes added in as well


Back in 2014 The Pokemon Firm released the official Pokemon Television application for Android os. Then in 2015 that received Google Chromecast assist. Today the Pokemon Television app has received yet another update which brings by it a few new features, as well as new episodes for just one of the bigger string users can watch.

For individuals not familiar with this app, it is pretty much as the name suggests. You can view a number of different Pokemon TV series who have all the episodes accessible, and you can also stay up-to-date with all the latest Pokemon related information. The new update delivers easier navigation to your app, so it’s going to be easier to move around in-app in order to find what you’re looking for or need to watch...

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[Update: Game Released] Games Work shop and Pixel Toys form teams and announce Warhammer 40K: Freeblade regarding Android


Games Workshop has connected with developers Pixel Games to make a new Warhammer 40K recreation for mobile devices. Technically called Warhammer 40K: Freeblade, this will be an exceptionally different type of Warhammer 40K than we have seen for cellular devices so far.

Update: April Last, 2016 7:26am PST: After a bit of a hold out, Warhammer 40K: Freeblade has finally been recently unleashed onto Google Play this morning. If you are waiting to pull at the a copy of this online game, you can now do so from the new link towards the bottom of this article. Downloading a reproduction of this game along with playing it is no cost.

When it comes to Warhammer 40K games, we usually see either a side-scrolling video type of game or perhaps a strategy style of subject...

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Ernie vs Evil is a side-scrolling humor-filled arcade game which is now available for obtain


Goodnight Games has released their new old school style side-scrolling arcade recreation called Ernie vs Unpleasant. This particular game features players assuming control of Ernie, who is apparently man or woman on Earth who can wipe out the greatest evil we’ve known and confronted, Bob.

Bob plans to flip all of humanity straight into his own personal army of evil servants, as well as he’s close to accomplishing this goal already. It can be up to Ernie to make his / her way to Bob’s hideout and to wipe out this ancient celestial monster. Is Ernie some sort of superhero? No. He is a cranky? sales team leader for Meat No Things that just proved helpful a double transfer.

Ernie vs Evil Features:

– Use Ernie’s vast array of weaponry to fight tons of exclusive monsters across 30 levels.
– Ba...

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