Divine Prison Podium: Mary Skelter Coming to P . s . Vita on October Tough luck



Divine Prison Tower: Betty Skelter is a dungeon crawling RPG developed by Compile Center for the PlayStation Vita, with a Japanese release date of October 14.

The game takes place in what once was an impassable asylum, which collapsed and brought over by creatures known as “Marchen.” As an offender of the Marchen controlled the penitentiary, you attempt a breakout.

Physical clones of the game will probably be priced at 7,344 pound, digital copies will definitely cost 6,480 pound. A limited edition edition will be available for In search of,504 yen and features a form of art book and Compact disk.

Pre-orders of the game would include a “Sakura Shrine Maiden” code for all those characters.

Check out any teaser trailer in the game here:

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